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The Nightmares of Wedding Bartending Services – From Cheers to Tears

Woman burning a picture at her wedding.

Embarrassment is the last emotion anyone wishes to experience at a wedding, especially due to an inadequate or mishandled bartending service. Picture this: a moment that’s supposed to overflow with joy tainted by an unprofessional or incompetent bar staff. It’s a literal nightmare for the couple, the families, and the guests—a scenario nobody wants to […]

5 Ways Bartender Catering Transforms Gatherings

A bartender catering set up on a wooden table.

So, what exactly is bartender catering, you ask? Imagine the finesse and easy of hiring a food caterer, but with a dash of bar knowledge and mixology magic. It’s like having a culinary experience for the bar side of things, where libations take center stage and often the source of event succes (or doom). Let’s […]